Sunday, April 10, 2011

I wish this were an April Fool's joke

The plumber had to come out on April Fool's day because of an "issue" with the kids toilet.  Some little boy apparently flushed something down the toilet that wasn't supposed to go there.  Anna had said that Luke flushed a spatula but I just couldn't believe it would even go down.  Its kinda big and its hard plastic.  Chris tried to snake it.  He even double bagged his arm up to his arm pit and stuck his arm down in there to see if he could feel anything.  Despite his efforts he couldn't feel or find anything.  So I had to call in a professional.  Fortunately, this guy was very good and cleared the toilet in like two minutes.  And here is what he found:

A little more to work on

Guess Dad's got another skill to work on with Jaden.  Yesterday at the game (the 3rd or 4th one of the season so far) when Jaden was up to bat he did a great job hitting the ball then took off third base!!!  It was so funny.  Not sure what he was thinking.   But it was cute :)

Jaden's first tee ball game

Jaden has been so excited to get to play tee ball.  This year he is on the Astros.  He has been working hard out in the backyard with his daddy practicing hitting the ball and catching.  We are so proud of him!

 Opening day ceremonies:  Daddy was asked to be the Asst. Coach.  Of course he said, Yes!!

 First time up to bat

 Instead of running to first base he had to make sure he picked up the tee and set it back where it was ;)

 Covering third base.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My little model

Anna and I went out a little early before her Girl Scouts meeting to the mall.  She picked out this cute dress and hat.  Then we went down to this cute spot I found with an old "walking tree" (a tree that growns across the ground so you can sit on it, or walk on it).
She is so easy to photograph and is always so beautiful, but I'm biased!!

November 24, 2010

Anna's turkey day treat!
Watch out!  There's another turkey who's gonna try to steal it.  Swiper no swiping, Swiper no swiping...

Jaden's turn

 A rare occasion - Jaden let me take his picture for practice ;)
He's rockin the batman attire with a little Superman figure thrown in!
(Sometimes I think my boys would get along great with Hugh Hefner - they are always in their pajamas!)

A snapshot

This is definitely not "portrait" quality but I think its sweet.  It's very "Luke" and also documents a terrible little accident he had so we can remember to make sure it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

I needed him to stand there and let me take some pictures so I could practice with my new lights - that's why the step up doesn't really match :)
I love that he's wearing his "muscle" spider man and his buzz light year shoes - huge favs!  and the best part is the pudding!  That boy can eat his weight in junk food - poor thing, takes after his mom and dad :(
Unfortunately, that's not just pudding on his face.  He's got a little burn on his chin and neck from an accident he got from goofing off with his brother.  Those two are so ornery when  they get together sometimes.  They are giving me grey hairs!!

At least he's supporting the Steelers...

Even if he's got his jersey on backwards...

The funny thing is that his pants are on backwards too!  Guess the rest of us didn't get the memo that it was "backwards day".  Or maybe Jaden is just a trendsetter :)
Lukey just being cute in his buzz lightyear costume (always some costume) playing with Jaden's leapster.

Anna's 8th Birthday

Yeah - I know, I am waaaaaayyyy behind!  Her birthday was over two months ago!!   We did celebrate though :)
Nana came to Texas for the holidays and extended her stay a few days so that she could be here for Anna's birthday.  She was so excited!  We are always very happy to have our family with us but especially on special occasions like this.  It was a real treat!
As per our tradition, we all went out to eat at the "fire" restaurant (aka - hibachi).  We have been lucky to get a hibachi restaurant here in Lake Jackson so we don't have to go too far.

The boys

japanese chicken ;)
Onion volcano
The birthday girl at 6:43 pm - the time she was born :)

Luke trying to show me his age with his fingers :)

There we go!  hahahaha!
Make a wish :)
More celebrating back at home.  Have to have birthday cake!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A nature photographer I am not

in fact, I don't really even like birds that much! 
But today while I was sitting outside watching the kids play, I heard this "rat-tat-tat-tat" sound like a little machine gun.  The first thing I did was look to try and find the little critter that was making all that noise.  The next thing I did was think of these beautiful pictures my friend, Anissa, had posted on facebook of local birds.  I ran to grab my camera.  I thought, "why not?  I'll give it a shot".  It will be fun to show the kids.  Maybe we can all learn a little something about the woodpecker before his home is gone.  (because we may have to cut the tree down since it is dead and he seesms to enjoy making holes in it and we don't want huge chunks to fall on anyone - there have been some close calls!)

He's really just a tiny little thing. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

An unwelcome visitor

I'm not sure why but our neighbors don't seem to have the same complaints as we do about unsavory house guests?  We have become MVP customers of Killum Pest Control since we've moved to Texas.  Thank goodness for them! 
It seems like the recent construction on the lot right next to our house and the other right across the street has caused all the little critters to make a bee line straight for our house!  It is NOT a good thing!
A couple of months ago the pest control guys did a great job of making our home very un-welcoming for all the enormous tree roaches that tried to sneak in.  We haven't see a single one (and no traces of them either!)
Then, a month or so ago as I was about to get into the shower I tossed a towel in to the bathtub and a little critter started running and jumping around!  I high tailed my naked self out of there and frantically called Chris.  Think I must have called about 23 times before I finally got him.  I convinced him to come home and get this creature out of the house so I could get ready for my appointment. 
But when he went into the bathroom my little friend was gone.  He did leave traces of his presence behind but he got away!
Then, it was pretty quiet.  No more mouse.
Chris and I had a dinner a few weeks ago and my sister-in-law watched the kids for us.  When we got home she told us she saw something little and quick run out from the kitchen to the laundry room.  All the kids went to look but he had escaped again!  Oh no - our visitor wasn't gone after all....
But then things were quiet again.  No signs of anything.
About a week ago as I was cleaning out my pantry to make room for all the groceries I bought I discovered that our visitor had definitely NOT gone away.  There was plenty of evidence that he had been making our home his new home.
Time for an intervention.
I did not want to set out mouse traps and kills the little guy but I definitely wanted him out of my house!  So, Chris found this little humane trap that catches them but doesn't kill them.
One morning this week (very early, thanks to daylight savings time) everyone was up and at 'em.  Chris opened the pantry and announced that the trap was closed.  Could we have caught something??
He was in the kitchen and we were all in the living room when we heard the shrillest, most high-pitched scream. It was Chris!  Then there was a little black mouse high tailing it across my living room.
The little guy was tiny so Chris didn't feel anything in the trap.  But when he opened it to look in he didn't see anything either.  Then, little mousy jumped out toward his face and took off.
Armed with an open door, a bucket, and a broom we all went on a search to catch the mouse!  Chris found him in our linen closet. 
After blocking off all the other doors with towels he opened up the door and pulled out a blanket.  Nothing.
So, he pulled out another blanket.  Nothing.
Where did he go?
After about the 4th blanket he ran out in the pile of blankets and was jumping around.  He finally managed to get out and ran across Chris' foot toward the door.  But he missed the door and hit the step where the kids were all standing and screaming.  He ricocheted himself off the step and out the door!  Hooray!
But, he wasn't out for long...or he had a friend.  The next day Chris caught another in the trap but wisely didn't open it until he was far away from the house in a field out near the plant.
Unfortunately, I found more evidence of visitors under my sink and had to make the call to Killum.  I hated to kill them but they cannot live here!  The nice Killum man did his job and hopefully we won't have any more unwelcome visitors again!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A productive Saturday

Our lives have gotten so hectic lately that it seems like there is always something that has to be done and never enough time to finish or actually get it done!  But, we made a little of progress this weekend.
Chris took Jaden and Luke to Jaden's soccer game. I wanted to go but thought that they less of an "audience" he had the better he might do.  He has been so upset at even the mention of soccer lately that I didn't want to push it.  He had to at least make an appearance today because it was his turn to bring the snacks ;)
Dad "convinced" him to go ahead and get his soccer uniform on (Luke wore Anna's old soccer socks, his soccer shoes, and a red shirt to support Jaden's team) by allowing him to sample the treats I had bought for his team.  Thank goodness I chose the oreo cakesters!  Apparently, they did the trick!
Since the other team didn't show up Jaden's team was split up and they played themselves.  Jaden actually got out on the field, kicked the ball, almost scored and had lots of fun!  Luke even got a chance to get out there and kick a few.  But I was told that mostly he guarded the snacks :)
Jaden was so excited to tell me about his game.  He said he had so much fun!  Later, he asked Chris to play soccer with him outside.  He didn't take his uniform off until we went to the Harvest Festival in the evening.
After lunch Chris and the kids washed the cars.  Luke did an awesome job washing my driver's side door! When I came out he was really seruious about it and seemed to be putting some muscle behind it! Chris said he pretty much stayed in that one spot the whole time!  I'm just happy he wasn't throwing rocks at it....or his brother or sister...

The Pumpkin Patch

I have been to the pumpkin patch three different times already since the day after it opened.  I was able to take many beautiful photos of lots of cutie patooties and their families but wasn't able to  get my family over there!  For some reason, Luke decided it was a good time to start taking a nap!  I can guarantee he would not have made that choice if I had been home with him.  Maybe Chris had something to do with that...
But today right after Church, we headed directly to the pumpkin patch.  I wasn't even sure if they would stil be open or how many pumpkins would be left.  We were lucky that they were still open and there were lots of very cool pumpkins left! We borrowed some for a few pictures and the kids each picked out one to take home to carve this week. 
The proceeds go toward supporting several different programs that benefit the church and community.
It's a great cause and a fantastic pumpkin patch!